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Farmhouse Style Decorating For The Kitchen

You can decorate your kitchen with farmhouse kitchenware whether you live in a farmhouse, country-style home, or one with a modern design. The major elements are functional and easy to use. The kitchen is a place where everyone gathers, and farmhouse kitchenware makes a great gift for family or friends or useful items for your kitchen.

This style of decorating lets you display your collectibles and kitchenware in the open and includes wood, ceramic, glassware, tin, linen, and other kitchenware that helps you cook and prepare meals for yourself, the family, and entertain. You can hang your kitchen tools, cutting boards, and potholders on the wall, display them on shelves, or the counter.

An assortment of farmhouse kitchenware made of varied materials adds character to your kitchen. We have cutting boards, canisters for storage, wooden spoons, salt and pepper shakers, signs, bowls, table runners, pitchers, dish towels, napkins, and sugar and creamer sets.

Specialty Farmhouse Kitchenware For Entertaining

We have some specialty farmhouse kitchenware for those that like to entertain and cook often. We have an oyster triple dip set for serving oysters to family and guests. Our taco bar set comes in handy when you are having a taco party and want to have dishes with all the ingredients. We have special metal and ceramic bread holders for home bakers or those that buy fresh bread at the supermarket. Mini-loaf pans are designed for those of you that love baking, and a crab dip bowl with a spreader for cocktail parties.

We have jeweled stemless wine glasses with distinctive designs. We sell a few food items that will help with entertainment: a Blue Crab Salsa dip, Old Bay Fisher's Popcorn, and Crazy Good Crab Dip Mix. These food items go well with our farmhouse kitchenware bowls or sets for serving food. We even have a S'more Roasting Board for the warmer weather with the board, skewers, and pit.

Ideas for Decorating With Farmhouse Kitchenware

We have wood and wood and marble cutting boards designed for cutting fruit and vegetables, meats, and cheese. They are attractive and easy to use and look good hanging on the wall or sitting on the counter. Their simple design will match all types of decor. It is a great gift for home cooks, weddings or shower gifts, or someone that has just moved into a new home or apartment.

At Farmhouse Charm we have several bowls made of ceramic, stoneware, and wood bowls for serving dips, soups, pasta, and salads. You can display these attractive bowls in the kitchen, and they match any decor. They are useful and decorative.

When dining at the table, runners make an attractive and decorative touch to your table. We have several table runners: a macrame table runner with fringed trim, a black and white diamond table runner, and table runners with a decorative design and frayed edges. They come in basic colors to match any table and decor. They are functional and decorative farmhouse kitchenware. We have many decorative canisters to store flour and dry items on your kitchen counters in decorative designs made of ceramic and tin. We sell measuring spoons, pitchers, napkins, rolling pins, butter dishes, salt, and pepper shakers, measuring cups and paper towel holders. Our farmhouse kitchenware makes great gifts and practical kitchenware to help you with daily kitchen chores and entertaining.

Contact us by visiting our website, filling out our online form and calling us at 410-443-3286 to learn more about our farmhouse kitchenware and decorating your home in farmhouse style.

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